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Gillian McKeith is the internationally acclaimed Holistic Nutritionist and presenter of You Are What You Eat hit Channel 4 series that took the nation by storm (view Gillian McKeith’s credentials). The show is now regularly watched by many millions of viewers in more than 34 different countries around the world, and a new series has recently just started called You Are What You Eat: Gillian Moves In!

Gillian McKeith is the author of the number one best selling book based on the series You Are What You Eat. There are more than 3 million copies of Gillian McKeith books now in print in more than 35 countries around the globe. Gillian McKeith is author of 9 books, for which 5 are on the Bestseller List including:

Gillian McKeith’s mission is to ‘Empower people to improve their lives through information, food and lifestyle’. She also writes columns in health journals, popular consumer magazines, and weekly columns in the national newspaper The Daily Mirror.

Raised in Scotland, Gillian now travels extensively giving lectures and seminars to packed audiences. Her life long mission is to share her information and make the world a healthier place.

Gillian McKeith has been working in the field of Food and Holistic Nutrition for almost two decades.

Supporters Of Gillian McKeith

Gillian and McKeith Research Ltd would like to take this opportunity to express the utmost gratitude to the public for all their support. We receive so many wonderful emails from the public and health organizations. If you would like to view some of the testimonials and support Gillian McKeith has received, please click on the links below. The testimonials are particularly heart warming:

Gillian McKeith Testimonials

Craig Sams – Organic Pioneer, Chair of the Soil Association and author of ‘The Little Food Book’

… Gillian’s [Gillian McKeith] TV series has dramatically raised awareness among the most hapless victims of junk food: adopting a diet based on grains, pulses, vegetables, salads and wholesome foods can be interesting, healthful and lead to dramatic weight loss that gives them a whole new lease on life. Never once has Dr Ben Goldacre, in all his repetitive attacks in The Guardian, been able to mention the beneficial ‘Gillian McKeith effect’ (as health stores call it) on the nation’s eating habits. Yet this is the heart of the matter.

He completely overlooks the reasons for her [Gillian McKeith] massive popular success in his pettifogging quest for whether she has the qualifications that he and his fellow doctors flaunt as their passport to being a monopoly gateway between pharmaceutical companies and prescription drug addicts. Those addicts got their first dose of a painkiller, tranquiliser or steroid from a qualified doctor, all based on impeccable research from eminent scientists. Once hooked, they are condemned to a lifetime of repeat visits to their doctor/dealer.

Dr Ben Goldacre’s current beef is with Gillian’s claim to scientific accuracy because her references are not from, what he calls, “proper academic journals”. Funny, isn’t it, how Dr Ben Goldacre has never written about the fact that the world’s leading medical journals banded together in 2005 to tell Big Pharma that they wouldn’t publish any more crap research unless the drug companies also owned up about who funded the research.

After mustering courage for that challenge, they had to do it again, this time to curtail the practice of doing research again and again until scientists got the ‘right’ results, then not disclosing any of the research that had got the ‘wrong’ ones. It’s only since mid-2006, that, for the first time, there are rules that restore trust in the research in “proper academic journals”.

Anyone who has followed the Vioxx scandal will wonder how prescription drugs with dicing-with-death risks continue to be marketed, even after the risks are known. The answer is that the medical establishment are willing accomplices. I had a quick read of Gillian’s book You Are What You Eat — all sensible stuff, the type I’ve applied myself for 40 years — and I don’t see any life-threatening risks to following her advice. I don’t have a degree in nutrition but I know what’s good for me and it isn’t.

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